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The Toyota Motorhome is a classic Class C RV that encompasses a variety of motorhome models from various manufactures. These vintage and collectible motorhomes were made in 70s, 80s and early 1990s. For more information on this see the Toyota Motorhome History below.


Toyota Motorhomes are highly sought after today for a variety of reasons including the fuel economy, low price and vintage style. Motorhome buyers can find a Toyota Motorhome For Sale on Craigslist, eBay and RV Trader along with a variety of scattered resources online. We aim however to give buyers specifically looking for Toyota Motorhomes a one stop shop.

1989 Lafayette CA
In the Spotlight

1989 Odyssey in Lafayette, CA

by Toyota RV For Sale in California 0

My wife and I have lived full time in a Toyhome for the last 3 years. This little truck took us to every national park in the United states (that we could drive to at [...]
1993 Hayward CA
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1993 Townace 4WD in Hayward, CA

by Toyota RV For Sale in California 1

I know I will regret this but I’m looking to buy a house and I am force to sell my beautiful camper that I spent an entire year building it out to be made perfect [...]
1990 Ojai CA
In the Spotlight

1990 Sunrader in Ojai, CA

by Toyota RV For Sale in California 5

Updated 7/12/2019 – New Tires and Batteries Very Nice 1990 Sunrader Toyota RV for sale.  This model is the most desirable and sought after small RV for a few reasons: The Sunrader design and construction [...]

Premier Listings

1984 Odyssey in Seattle, WA

July 19, 2019 0

Just bought this end of April, and my job/lifestyle has changed so I am regretfully selling this little beauty. There have only been 4 owners (including me) interior is in great shape and “vintage” original. […]

1987 Escaper in Saint Augustine, FL

July 1, 2019 0

1987 Toyota Escaper Motorhome. My owner has no time for me so here I am looking for a new home. I have actually been to Alaska and many other places across the US, come take […]

1986 Dolphin in Auburn, WA

June 6, 2019 1

Update 6/6/2019 – Reduced price from $9800 to $8500. We returned last Fall from an 8000 mile trip around the U.S. (putting that mileage on a new engine with only about 2000 on it.) We […]

1991 Dolphin in Santa Fe, NM

May 27, 2019 0

Desirable, hard to find, well-maintained, upgraded Toyota (yeah!) V6 Mini Motorhome – 21′. 132,900 miles and counting. Fully self-contained. Has all the amenities and then some. $11500 $10,500 (just reduced from $13000). Cruise Control A/C Tilt […]

1989 Sunrader in Nevada City, CA

May 27, 2019 0

89’ Toyota Sunrader V6 $19,000 $15,000 Letting go of my Sunrader. These RV’s have serious following because of a few reasons. This model of Sunrader has a 2 piece fiberglass shell which eliminates leaks. The […]

Featured Listings

1984 Odyssey in Seattle, WA

July 19, 2019 0

Just bought this end of April, and my job/lifestyle has changed so I am regretfully selling this little beauty. There have only been 4 owners (including me) interior is in great shape and “vintage” original. […]

1992 Sunrader 210RSC in Ojai, CA

July 17, 2019 0

This is a one owner RV Non smoker, very clean in side and out Fully loaded, air ride, roof air, rear storage pod,  awning,  CB, rear camera Just had the whole RV serviced Need to […]

1991 Winnebago Warrior 321RB in New Westminster, BC

British Columbia
July 17, 2019 0


1992 Winnebago Warrior in Bayview, CA

July 16, 2019 0

1992 Toyota Winnebago Warrior 3.0 fuel injected + power steering V6 automatic + overdrive 88,XXX miles This is a one of a kind rv that has been specificly upgraded for someone who is going on […]

1990 Odyssey Americana in Reading, PA

July 16, 2019 0

1990 Toyota Odyssey Americana We are selling our 22’ V-6 Toyota Odyssey Americana, we bought it 2 months ago, it’s the first time we have ever owned an RV and really came to love this […]

Class C Motorhome

Toyota Motorhome

Most of the visitors on this are familiar with the motorhome classifications but for those who are not here is a quick general reference guide.


• Class A – Full Size Motor Coach
• Class B – Camper Van
• Class C – “Mini Motorhome”


Class C Motorhomes are often referred to as Alcove or Cab-Over Motorhomes as they commonly have a double berth (sleeping area) over the driving cab. This is combined with a caravan style body of medium length, usually 22 to 33 feet long.


Class C motorhomes are advantageous because the owner receives better gas mileage like a camper van but has more self contained accommodations like a full size Class A motorhome. This class of motorhome is considered semi-integrated as sometimes the cab is separate from the camper portion, similar to a truck with a camper shell. Toyota Motorhomes are iconic as they were some of the first Class C motorhomes to hit the road back in the 70s.

Toyota Motorhome History

Today most major motorhome manufactures utilize the Ford E Series chassis to base their motorhome designs on, however back in 1970s they used the Toyota Truck.


DO IT ON THE ROAD - Toyota Motorhome Ad

This is the truck that the Toyota Tacoma was originally based on, but at the time was simply known as the Toyota Pickup in the United States or the Toyota Hilux in international markets.


Motorhomes were made on the standard duty Toyota truck chassis from 1977 to 1985 before moving to a one-ton cab and chassis in 1986. Motorhome makers continued to fabricate their shells on Toyota trucks until 1993 when weight restrictions caused them to move to the Ford E-Series (E450/550) Econoline chassis.



Models (Brands) & Manufacturers

The top three brands that most enthusiasts are aware of are the Toyota Chinook, Dolphin and Sea Breeze. The Chinook brand was made by Chinook the company while the Dolphin and Sea Breeze where made by the following manufactures.


• Coachman
• Huntsman
• National RV
• New Horizons


Other popular Toyota Motorhome models were the Itasca and Winnebago Warrior both made by Winnebago Industries. Lastly Gardner Pacific was responsible for making the popular and iconic Toyota Sunrader Motorhome.

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