1974 Chinook in Golden, CO

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Asking Price: $5,900

1974 Golden CO

Motorhome Facts

  • Year: 1974
  • Maker/Trim/Model: Chinook
  • Length: 14FT
  • Odometer: 80,000
  • Drivetrain: 4cyl 20R Man

Seller Info

  • State/Region: Colorado
  • City/Area: Golden
  • Name: Not Provided
  • Phone: See Link Below
  • Email: See Link Below


More Details & Pictures

For sale is my camping ready 1974 Toyota Chinook pop up camper. I have owned this gem for over 6 years and put quite a bit of time and energy remodeling and restoring this beauty into a fully functional, self contained, and custom mini RV. It has been stored in garages as much as possible when not in use, and shows minimal rust for its year. (Picture above shows the only significant rust present) When I was shopping for this camper 7 years ago, one of the common problems with these older Chinooks was rust, so thought it important to mention. I bought the camper from an old man who loved this Chinook. He kept it garaged and cared for it very well. He was a mechanic and made modifications and improvements throughout. He drove it to Alaska and back 3 times prior to selling it to me. Since I’ve owned it, I’ve added less than 20k miles to the odometer with road trips around the SW. The previous owner rebuilt and installed a 4cyl 20R engine and 5 speed manual transmission. The original engine was an 18R and had a 4 speed tranny. He also replaced the front drum brakes with disc brakes for added safety.

I was very happy to buy this from a mechanic who loved it- giving me the peace of mind of its dependability. The interior, however, was dated and the first thing I did was gut the fiberglass shell and start a remodel. I wanted to build a space that was cozy and inviting, but also spacious enough to host friends inside comfortably if the weather turned nasty. The result is what you see in the photos- and contrary to a Westfalia, which is the popular alternative compact RV, you can fit 5-7 people inside comfortably around a camp table for dinner or cards. The Chinook I’ve built, however, is only designed to sleep 2 adults (*under 6ft*) and 1 dog or toddler…

Mechanical specs:
4cyl 20R motor with 80k miles
About 200k miles on body
5 speed manual transmission
Disc brakes in front, drum brakes in rear
About 20mpg on highway

Interior specs:
2 burner propane stove
20lb propane tank
Little buddy heater
10 gallon freshwater tank
Manual pump faucet
Visa Potty self contained toilet (I never used it, clean and ready)
Ample storage in cabinets and under bench
Fold up counter surface for increased kitchen space
About a full size bed- 3″ memory foam, removable cushion covers, sleeps 2.5, exactly 6 ft in length so taller people this probably isn’t for you. I am 5’10” and sleep great. The ceiling is also 6′ popped up.

Notable recent improvements:
Reinforced roof and new paneling on ceiling
Reinforced fiberglass perimeter with steel rods
New screens in windows and Velcro on canvas windows for ease
Water proofing throughout
New hardware throughout

Notable detractors:
At one point there was a tear in the canvas. It has been mended and taped over. The canvas does not leak at all, but cosmetically the repaired damage is visible (pictured). Overall the canvas is in great shape for its age.
The fiberglass has also been repaired here and there. Upon close inspection this will be noticeable, but is structurally fine.
The paint is not new or perfect. There are obvious blemishes. I have thought about painting, but prefer the slightly aged appearance and even considered applying a clear coat to preserve its character.
The turn signals sometimes stick. This can be annoying, but I’ve learned to manually tick them on and off when needed.
The stereo recently stopped working- this is irrelevant for me because I’ve always used a Bluetooth speaker for audio. (Included)
There is no auxiliary power to the living space. My next big project would be adding solar panels and an auxiliary battery. There are currently battery powered LED lights that use AAAs.
There is no refrigerator. I’ve always used a cooler.
The pop top mechanism is old- the springs aren’t as spry as they once were. To gain full pop, I’ve added inserts on each side to keep it in place. (Just push up, and slide in the insert on each side)

The reality of this camper:
This Chinook is old. There are imperfections here and there that come with its age. The right new owner of this camper should be someone who appreciates its one-of-a-kindness and vintage value, but also is willing to continue to put in the love and effort to keep it a unique and special vehicle. While its a super dependable little RV, it also has its quirks and can take a minute to get used to driving and operating. One thing is certain- the attention and interest it gets from all kinds of people everywhere you go!

Please email with any questions or to plan a visit to check it out.

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