1978 Chinook Charlottesville VA

No Longer Available

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Ad Information

-Source: Craigslist
-State: Virginia
-City:  Charlottesville
-Asking Price: $3500
-Contact: No Longer Available

Key Motorhome Facts

-Year: 1978
-Maker/Model: Chinook
-Length: Not Listed
-Miles: Not Listed
-Engine: 20R

More Details: 1978 Toyota Chinook 4spd 4cylinder manual. Current Virginia state inspection and registration. Runs great. When I got the camper it had been sitting for two years. I put a lot of work into the engine and now it runs great. The engine is the Toyota 20R which has a great reputation for durability and reliability. There are new tires and I re did the roof which had been leaking (it no longer dose) I lived in the camper for 8 months while restoring the mechanical issues, it was great but there are still things that need to be done. Its is functional now but in order to make its more comfortable the cabin area needs to be redone. Everything is there the stove,fridge and power inverter. The stove works but the propane tank and lines need replaced. The fridge is the original and is in great shape it just needs to be recharged with ammonia. The power inverter is the original and works great, I was able to run my computer and TV with no problems. There are a few minor issues but again it can hit the road today. I’ve taken it to festivals mostly but its great for fishing and hunting as well. Please call me with any question you may have [REDACTED]


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1978 Charlottesville VA

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