1978 Dolphin in North Mesa, AZ

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Asking Price: $11,000

1978 Mesa AZ

Motorhome Facts

  • Year: 1978
  • Maker/Trim/Model: Dolphin
  • Length: 17FT
  • Odometer: 39K
  • Drivetrain: 4cyl Man

Seller Info

  • State/Region: Arizona
  • City/Area: Mesa
  • Name: Not Provided
  • Phone: See Below
  • Email: See Below


More Details & Pictures

Condition is everything and this Dolphin with only 39,000 miles does not fail to disappoint. I have owned 3 other motorhomes in the past, this one is my absolute preferred setup and I don’t have the heart to change anything because it is a creme puff. 

This is an all original 1978 Dolphin, exactly as it would have come from the factory. All upholstery, fabric, floor, cabinets, appliances are original and fully functional. The camper is in excellent shape, the cab is in excellent shape and the drivetrain is functioning perfectly. Everything inside and out almost looks brand new even though it is forty years old.

This micro mini motorhome is only 17 feet long, making it a shorty and 3655 pounds wet weight. You can stand up inside if you are 5’10” or shorter, it has a bathroom with a flush toilet and large blackwater tank. You can take this RV through a drive through or fit it in any car size parking spot. This Dolphin averages 18.5 miles per gallon, as it did on our 1200 mile trip a couple months ago, even going up 11,900 foot mountain passes in Colorado. The engine is in amazing shape, it burns no oil, starts and runs perfect every time, runs cool and has been tuned up. 

I am an automotive engineer and I know 20R inside and out. The entire driveline from the radiator to rear axle has been inspected and any rubber (hoses, belts, fuel lines, brake lines) or other critical age-related parts have been replaced this year in 2018. 

Recent maintenance performed (2018):
New valve cover gasket
Fresh carb rebuild and tune
Oil change
New batteries, both engine and coach
New tires all around
Flushed coolant system with new hoses, thermostat and radiator cap
New fan clutch
New belts
New brakes all around, stops fast, new rear line and hose 
New factory rear air adjustable air shock absorbers
New spark plugs / wires / cap / coil and rotor
Propane tank replaced with modern OPD equivalent
New supplemental fuel pump, check valve and regulator
New fuel lines all around
New fuel filter

Truck overview: 
It’s a 78 Toyota Pickup.
The reliable and legendary 20R Engine, 4 speed manual transmission 
Averages about 18 miles to the gallon. 
Has a top speed of 70MPH
Power brakes
No power steering (but extremely easy to steer)
39,000 original miles.

Camper overview:
1978 Dolphin
Heater with thermostat, water tank, high pressure sureflo water pump, large black water tank sink, stove, oven, flush toilet, 3 way fridge with freezer, two roof vents
No Ac (but can easily be installed in a roof vent) 
Has a trunk with a trailer hitch that can store a generator or parts
Two sleeping areas

This RV is way faster then a VW bus, same maneuverability and just as reliable. 
Parts are plentiful as the driveline is identical to a 1978 Toyota Pickup. 

RV History:
I am the third owner, the first owner owned this RV since new and sold it in 2016. He was an OTR trucker and took it to Alaska and many adventures and had to sell it because he was unable to continue driving. The previous owner was an elderly gentlemen who sold the RV to me because he had some health issues that made him unable to drive the vehicle, his wife took it out for the occasional weekend getaway with friends. I bought the RV in Iowa and modernized the driveline with new parts to make it cross country capable. I then took the RV on an adventure from Iowa, to Colorado, to Arizona. I am an automotive mechanical engineer with 10 years of experience and was a mechanic before that. 

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