1978 Sunrader w/ Hatchback Awning in Portland, OR


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Asking Price: $13,000 (Final Sale Price)

1978 Portland OR

Motorhome Facts

  • Year: 1978
  • Maker/Trim/Model: Sunrader
  • Length: 16.5FT
  • Odometer: 128K
  • Drivetrain: Manual

Seller Info

  • State/Region: Oregon
  • City/Area: Portland
  • Name: SOLD!
  • Phone: SOLD!
  • Email: SOLD!


More Details & Pictures

Original 1978 Sunrader  with Hatchback Awning

VIN: RN28131614
condition: good
rv type: class C
size / dimensions: 16.6 x 6.7 x 8
title status: clean

You’re looking at a unicorn. This is the rare 1978 Sunrader in all it’s 70’s grooviness. It’s a rolling time capsule of gold shag carpet accents, plaid upholstery and caramel vinyl. But what really sets this one apart from the other wonderful Sunraders is the rear hatchback door. In addition to a regular door in the rear, the whole back wall can be hoisted up to create an awning and a wide opening from the interior.

The other thing that is special about this model of Sunrader is it’s small size. The 18 ft. Sunraders are called “Shorties”, and are generally considered more desirable than the 21 footers due to their ability to go more places. They also look better on the small Toyota platform. Well the ’78 is even shorter, at 16.5 ft. And it weighs in at just 3650 lbs wet, which translates to about 3450-3500 lbs. dry weight. That’s less than a Subaru Outback, and 1000 lbs less than a 4Runner. This translates to decent gas mileage (18.5 mpg on road trips), and good handling.

This particular example spent 95% of it’s life in dry Eastern Idaho. After the original owning husband passed, his wife stored it in their barn. The second owner happened to see it in the barn and ended up buying it. She got it back to running well, and owned it for 1 year. Traveled throughout the Sierra Nevada. Sold it to my friend and broker/juggler of unique Japanese vehicles. He took it on a couple long trips before I bought it from him last year.

When I got it, it ran very well, but still needed a few tweaks, which I had taken care of by Ben’s Japanese Auto Clinic. Ben is a guru with older carbs, and he rebuilt and tuned it just right.

I’ll list recent work on it below.

Here is a description of the camper:
– double stainless sink
– on board water tank
– 3 burner propane stove with range hood fan and light
– oven and furnace in one
– toilet in private bathroom/closet and black water tank
– ceiling vent and emergency exit
– dining booth(seats 4) that converts into bed
– over cab bed that expands from twin to queen by sliding out over dining area
– rear hatchback awning
– abundant storage under seats and in cabinets and closet/bathroom.
– ladder in back and roof rack.
– fiberglass camper shell which requires no maintenance and has no seams to leak.
– completely original
– curtains for upper bed area
– I made adjustable black-out reflectix window coverings for other windows which attach with velcro. Very clean look.

The Truck:
– 1978 toyota truck with the bulletproof 20R engine. It’s a carbureted 2.2 liter 4 cylinder.
– bare metal restoration of the rear bumper.
– newer tires in excellent shape.
– 4 speed manual transmission, excellent for hill climbing and engine braking on the downhill.
– original vinyl seats and rubber floor in great shape.
– heat blows hard and hot
– factory AC works well!
– extra front grill and emblem in even better shape than mine are included. Hard to find items in this condition.
– wheels painted black. You can either have the black steel wheel look, or use the hubcaps from a later model Toyota.

Recent work:
– Auxiliary battery 5/17
– Front brakes 5/17
– New clutch 5/17
– New shocks 5/17
– 6 new tires 5/17
– slave cylinder, manifold gasket 5/17
– Jensen ceiling vent 6/17
– AC system serviced and repaired 6/18
– Propane plumbing repair and 2 new tanks with gauge by propane specialist 7/18
– New muffler 7/18
– New spare tire 9/18
– New wiper blades 9/18
– Replaced shifter assembly, new bushings 9/18
– Flushed brake fluid 9/18
– Carburetor overhaul, replaced diaphragm, adjusted 9/18
– Oil change and filter @126,150 miles
– Starter replaced, tune-up with new plugs, wires, rotor and cap. 11/18
– Replaced parking brake cable 11/18

Whew! That’s a lot of info. But I’m not finished. I want you to know about the imperfections too:

– Although the windshield does not leak, it could be replaced. It has a rock chip. I’ve been quoted $180.
– Body is rust free except for a 3 inch spot of surface rust on lower front air dam. I may take care of this now that it’s warming up outside.
– It has small dents and dings, I’m assuming from the years of barn storage. I restored the hood which had scratches from what I think must have been hay bailing wire. Looks great now.
– One time when the truck was parked facing up hill, it rained extremely hard and for hours. The water ran down the front and under the over-cab portion of the camper and leaked into the interior where the truck roof and camper meet. It didn’t cause any damage and was a one time event, since I had it parked the same way in the rain for months with no leaks. So the seal between the truck and camper could be replaced, but no rush.
– When I had the parking brake cable replaced, a wire must have been disconnected, since the radio stopped working. it’s an old radio which you may want to replace.
– only high speed for the windshield wipers. (more of a medium speed.) Could fix so you have the intermittent speed.
– Water tank and faucet are currently not attached. Needs a new faucet and small water pump. Simple project and you can choose the faucet you like. I use a water jug with spigot that fits perfectly into one of the sinks and pours into the other. I can include two of these water containers in the sale.

That about covers it. I don’t use it enough to justify owning it. I’d rather free up space and let you have some fun!

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