1981 Sunrader 5th Wheel Combo 210RD in Houston, TX


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Asking Price: $35,000 $25,000

1981 Houston TX

Motorhome Facts

  • Year: 1981
  • Maker/Trim/Model: Sunrader 5th Wheel - Combo Truck and Trailer
  • Length: 21 ft - 210RD floorplan
  • Odometer: 22,174 miles
  • Drivetrain: 22R and 5 speed manual

Seller Info

  • State/Region: Texas
  • City/Area: Houston
  • Name: SOLD!
  • Phone: SOLD!
  • Email: SOLD!


More Details & Pictures

“CASH FLOW SALE! Price reduction of $10K from June posting… !
I have a Google Photo album of 149 pix and videos to share with serious buyers.
A real Survivor! 22,000 original miles and still shiny paint, although starting a little patina…”

Floorplan is the Sunrader 210RD (Rear Dinette) – I bought the Combo set in August of 2018 during my 60th birthday vacation trip. I’d been watching it online for a year or so, at Outbackrv.com and when they dropped the price while I was driving to Dallas at the start of the roadtrip, I had to stop and look at it! I told my wife I need to go look at it so I could find all the things that were wrong with it, and stop being fixated on it… Dealer had already added a new rooftop AC unit. Nothing was wrong except it need tires!  Tried to haggle that out of the dealer, but they wouldn’t budge. So 10 new tires got added to the price and 3 weeks later I came back and drove it down to Houston! Since then, I have gone camping in it once at a mountain bike race in Navasota. I’ve driven the truck some around town, because it’s so much fun to drive! I would answer questions when running up to the autoparts store or even just around the neighborhood to keep it lubed up and the fluids moving.

I have all the receipts from what’s been updated and added. TX-7 synthetic everything fluid wise, except Water-Wetter in the radiator. Engine oil, Trans fluid, Diff fluid. New clutch because after several trips to getting it in and out of the backyard, and getting it straight along the fence line (yeah, I’m kinda picky) it wanted a new disc. Replaced all the clutch parts anyway and had the flywhell resurfaced, just to be sure. All new brake pads on truck and trailer and drums turned. New brake cylinders and new brake fluid. I re-terminated all the trailer brake connection with solder and shrink wrap, removing the wirenuts (there are pictures in Goggle Drive photos)! New Rain-X windshield wipers and still have the original arms and wiper blades, if authenticity is more important than seeing in the rain. New beige plastic floormats, because WeatherTech doesn’t have anything for a Toyota Dually 4 seater (imagine that). All the cabinet latches in the trailer have been replaced with OEM parts. same knobs, same cabinet hardware. New shower head and faucet, because the original would not seal between the 2, and taking a shower meant leaving the sink faucet running. All bulbs inside the trailer have been replaced with LED’s. All lamp fixture covers are new. A new trailer brake controller because the original one would flash off and on (not a ground problem) and a new one worked. Still have the original, again if authenticity is important! Even found the part number and bought a new convex side mirror from Velvac directly. Water heater works. Water pump replaced by RV dealer that owned it along with a new toilet installed. Fresh water tank and all hoses sanitized with bleach and rinsed before I went camping. Grey and black water tanks flushed and sanitized. Black water drain valve replaced. LOTS OF camping supplies and equipment: outdoor 9 x 12 mat (orange and brown), Full Anderson Ultimate Trailer Gear EZ Block Bag, 50ft drinking water flat hose on reel, Camco EVO Premium RV water filter and Stand. and more small stuff… Ready to go camping, except for groceries and bedding.

There are papers in the glovebox from the registration by the original owners. Owners manual and auto parts receipts there too! I have the metal license plates from State of Washington seen in the original eBay and Craigslist adds. There are videos on YouTube from the grandkids of the original owners, doing a walkaround of both the truck and trailer and driving the truck!

Now for what is needed on the truck and trailer… – The original heater sparks but will not light. Have not made time to dig into that. We don’t really need the heater here in Texas. There are spots of rust at the bottom corners of the windshield. Also surface cracks in the paint are starting to form at the front edge of the hood. Velvac mirrors arms are handpainted white and starting to show surface rust… Paint on the fiberglass cab extension is not shiny. The bottom of one of the big windows on the cab extension was replaced with a thin piece of plexiglass, HOWEVER a whole brand new factory window, including the frame, screen and mounting hardware and is still in the box from the original owners (shows to be shipped from Gardner-Pacific) – Rubber gaskets behind truck marker lights starting to deteriorate. Trailer roof has sealant on it from a crack, and interior headliner is warped, but I have never found any water damage, and there is no smell inside, other than vintage old age and wood. Original curtains are starting to wear out at the edges. Upholstery on the left large bed cushion is separating up near the front window. It is hidden under a arm rest pillow in the photos. “patina” galour to be found when staring at painted trailer frame and landing legs. Hey! It’s coming up on 40 years old next year, and will have true ‘antique’ status for registration purposes in all states. Texas says 25 years old is ‘antique’ AND ‘classic’, but how much you want to drive determines which registration class gets used.  Plastic screw cover trim on all metal seam trim is missing and I have 200 ft of new screw cover trim.

That’s all for now. I hope this is enough to justify the price, or to at least start a conversation. If you’re on the Facebook Group page then you can find me and use messenger for even more details. I’m working 50+ hour weeks these days “essential” worker (internet and residential security), so I check in early AM, Lunchtime, and end of the day.

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