1984 New Horizon Lebanon OR

No Longer Available

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Ad Information

-Source: Craigslist
-State: Oregon
-City: Lebanon
-Asking Price: $3,900
-Contact: No Longer Available

Key Motorhome Facts

-Year: 1984
-Maker/Model: New Horizon
-Length: 21 Foot
-Miles: 86k
-Engine: 22R V4

More Details: Toyota new horizon $3900 obo
21ft with 86000 miles 1984

10 years ago  I  bought this after being recently divorced. I loved driving it. It is small and cheap on gas. I have driven it everywhere. It has taken 5 trips to southern california and 3 of those trips were to disneyland. Last year on our way back from disneyland one of the plastic covers started to lift up. . . It cracked and it will have to be replaced. My husband has it bungeed down right now so it can still be driven. He also has it tarped in case of leaking through the crack. It is a large vent cover, used as an emergency hatch. We have camped in it and taken weekend trips often. This toyota has always been reliable and cheap to drive. We have the original fridge to it, but it wasn’t get as cold as it should. We put in a new electric one and just hooked it up to the inverter as we were driving. Or if we were camping we would hook it up to the generator or inventor. Normally these don’t have a generator built in, but the back box was built for one. I believe the generator is 3600 watts craftsman. It runs everything in the motorhome except the microwave. You must be plugged in to use that. The generator is loud! It isn’t one of the quiet ones. The tags expire this month. The motor is a 22r toyota pickup motor. It is a cold start if it has sat, but it always starts. Stick shift 4 cylinder, no power steering. Since 10 years ago  I  have been remarried and last december we had our 2nd child. It was time to upgrade to a larger motorhome. I might be kicking myself in the butt later, if gas prices rise too much.
Cheap on gas
Park and drive anywhere/small size
Maintenance/ easy to work on
Water heater works
Plumbing works
Stove works great/ oven  I  have never used. But the stove  I  have used a lot.
Has a small movie screen built in to the stereo system
Roof coated last summer/ should be checked at least every 6 months
Have manuals
Generator/ inverter
Fridge electric/ also kept the original

Slow up hills
Can’t handle pulling cars or too much weight
Needs vent cover or the whole emergency hatch replaced/  I  am not sure if you can buy them separated
No power steering
Stick shift/if you think that is a con
Contact lorayne or kyle at [REDACTED] call/text is fine. . . We are normally up later because of studies and in classes 8am to afternoon.


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1984 Lebanon OR

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