1985 Dolphin Crescent City/Smith River, CA

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Motorhome Facts

  • Year: 1985
  • Maker/Trim/Model: Dolphin
  • Length: Not Listed
  • Odometer: Not Listed
  • Drivetrain: 4 cyl automatic

Seller Info

  • State/Region: California
  • City/Area: Crescent City/Smith River
  • Name: Tiffany
  • Phone: (619) 972-2935
  • Email: Send Message


More Details & Pictures


1985 Toyota Dolphin Motorhome…..Best Offer
Smith River, CA (95567)
Low Miles, Automatic. Strong running 4 Cylinder R22 Engine/motor (very economical on gas for traveling & very sought after engines that are worth money just on their own). Clean title. Motorhome needs a new transmission to be in running condition (only goes in reverse right now.) I did recently find someone that owns his own transmission shop that is selling the correct transmission to replace the existing one for $550 in Chico, CA and he is willing to ship it. You would just need someone to install it. Also, because it has been sitting for awhile since it hasnt been able to drive and I because live in San Diego and havent had the time to get back up there to move or work on it, it now has some water damage. The damage occurred when it rained and the water came in through the roof because the roof windows were not closed/sealed completely. The majority of the mold damage is in the bathroom, specifically on the bathroom walls which are covered with some sort of fabric-like material. so the material on the walls will probably either need to be torn down and replaced or cleaned extremely well. As you can clearly tell from my detailed description of whats wrong with the RV, the motorhome is in need of some repairs, some TLC and alot of cleaning. It still has a lot of our personal stuff in it but that’s the way that it’s going to have to be sold (AS IS) because I live down in San Diego and my dad wants the motorhome towed off his property as soon as I get a decent price for it

I do not have pictures of the inside because I am not in the area to take any but you can go take a look inside yourself. I have people coming by to check it out in the next few days if you would like to go by to check out as well. It’s in front of my dad’s gate entering his yard with a sign on it at 15150 Highway 101 North Smith River, CA 95531 so you can’t miss it. My father said that he left one of the doors open if you wanted to peek inside to check out the condition. My Dad ABSOLUTELY DOES NOT want anyone knocking on the house door or disturbing anyone, including himself, living there (as they cannot help you anyway since it’s my rv,) so just please keep all interaction with me. If you still want to buy it after seeing it, I will have my father meet you. Please remember not to go to the house door and knock or disturb anyone in the house and just text me at 6199722935 or write me back on here. If your offer is the best offer I get and I decide to sell it to you I can have my father meet you to collect the money and give you the keys. 

Once these RVs are fixed up, they are great rvs to use and travel in. They are also RVs that people actively seek out to buy and they still go for alot of money. Here are some links of similar Toyota Dolphin RVS for sale throughout the west coast:

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* Several of these listed above even have many more miles on them than mine, are older than mine and have a manual transmission & 6 cylinders (instead of mine that has 4 cylinders and an automatic transmission which is what is more in demand and more convenient & economical.)

There even Two Wanted Ads from people looking to buy Toyota Dolphin RVs

That being said I do not have a set amount/price I am asking for mine. I am just asking for people to give me their best offer and I will end up selling it to the person with the best/highest offer.. Please let me know if you have any other questions ( MY PHONE CALLS ARE BEING FORWARDED TO ANOTHER NUMBER FOR MY BUSINESS, ONLY EMAIL OR TEXT PLEASE)

Email: [email protected] com


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