1985 Dolphin in Weaverville, CA


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Asking Price: $3,500

1985 Weaverville CA

Motorhome Facts

  • Year: 1985
  • Maker/Trim/Model: Dolphin
  • Length: Not Listed
  • Odometer: 115,800
  • Drivetrain: 22RE Auto

Seller Info

  • State/Region: California
  • City/Area: Weaverville
  • Name: SOLD!
  • Phone: SOLD!
  • Email: SOLD!


More Details & Pictures

Selling my Dolphin is something hard to do… Letting go the most trustworthy vehicule i ever owned is not an easy feeling for me, but sometimes life change and you have to go with the flow!
I’m moving out of the states, to another country and I have no other choices than selling it, and I need to do that soon…
I owned this wonderful vehicule for almost five years now, it’s been my house, it’s been my car…
I went to Canada for 6 months, to Mexico, to many western states… My lady and I used to live in it as a tiny house (jacked on blocks for several months in northern Cali… that’s why the wood stove)
And it always started right away… And I always gave it the TLC that it needs..

22RE Engine with only 115800miles on it (considered as one of the most reliable and tough engine ever made by Toyota) and I just changed the fuel pump (what is very common around 100000m.)… which mean that your pretty much good to go a long long way without any troubles motor wise…
So famous for lasting for ever, just seen a 4×4 with 240000miles going for 4500$…

Upside (within the last year):
Original motor with reasonable mileage for what it is
New radiator
New rear tires
New fuel pump
New starter
New alternator belt
New headlights
New battery
Changed the fuel fill hose
Changed front main seal, no leak, all clean
Fresh oil and filter when needed (when sitting for a long time, or when doing a lot of miles)
Changed bushing in transmision, no leak, all clean
Fresh wiring
Kept clean and well maintained
Very roomy inside with lots of windows (specially the big one in the back)
Wood stove to keep you warm for free
Lots of storage
Outside extension to carry bikes, tools, extra luggage…
Linoleum inside for easy cleaning
Good gas mileage
Easy to park anywhere in cities due to its small size (but very roomy anyway)
Easy to work on
Comes with extention cord, tools, gears…

Down side:
No a/c either in the house or under the hood
Sagging leaf pack, which means that it is lower than it should be… But it is not a problem to drive.
No battery in the house, will need one and some wiring job if you don’t want to use the car battery
No shower/toilet
No original lights
Windshield partly shattered
House will need some easy work to suit some people, or stay as is for the rough one…
I need to keep it ’til the 15th of January… Then it all yours for your own adventure…

That is perfect vehicule for long journey, visiting national parks, going to Burning Man…
Have a life out of the tracks
Could be a super choice to be a tiny house on wheel
Live free Closer to nature and yourself…

3500 obo… Ca$h OnLy… Call me and we set up a meeting to give it a test drive!

And look it up, you will not find two dolphin with that mileage and engine condition for that cheap…
Thanks for reading!

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