1986 Odyssey 21FT in Buena Vista, CO


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Asking Price: $9,800

Motorhome Facts

  • Year: 1986
  • Maker/Trim/Model: Odyssey
  • Length: 21 FT
  • Odometer: 69,000
  • Drivetrain: 4cyl Manual

Seller Info

  • State/Region: Colorado
  • City/Area: Buena Vista
  • Name: SOLD!
  • Phone: SOLD!
  • Email: SOLD!


More Details & Pictures

We are open to negotiating the price, within reason. If you are interested, please reach out to us to discuss this further.

This vintage RV is one of a kind and much sought after. The Odyssey is one of the larger models with a full shower, more head room, and sturdier cupboards. We spent a lot of time making it into a home so we could live in it full-time, which we have been doing since May. However, as sometimes happens, our plans have changed and we are finding it necessary to sell our home.

We are currently in Buena Vista, but sometime soon, we will be moving to Fort Collins. We are happy to answer any questions. Call, text, or email are all fine. 🙂

When we bought it, the whole over cab area leaked, along with one wall panel in the couch area. We had to literally rebuild the entire overcab area, from the fiberglass up (we can share pictures of the work and progress if you’d like). We tore out and rebuilt the rotted panels on the leaking wall. We also removed and resealed every single window. We did all of the work correctly so that it will be good for many years! We have lived in it through all the summer storms and haven’t had even one drop of water get in. THIS IS IT’S BIGGEST BONUS! Most of these older models have leaks – this one doesn’t. Unless you don’t like our color scheme, you literally have no work to do on this RV.

If you’ve never owned one of these, we are happy to run you through all the details and show you how everything works, including dumping, turning on the water heater, etc.

The specs:
– 21 foot long
– 22RE engine, which means it will go forever
– 1 ton rear axle with 6-lug dually means this baby is safe and sturdy!
– 4-cylinder, 4-speed (great gas mileage)
– Newish tires with lots of tread left. Not sun rotted because we have been driving it.
– 68,656 miles
– Clean title in our name, so easily and immediately transferred.

The good:
– Watertight!!! This is unique in these older models.
– New ceiling vents
– Roof was sealed in March 2017
– Lots of nice custom work to add storage and more usable space
– Vinyl flooring
– Floor base has been reinforced and sealed
– Everything has been painted correctly (we scrubbed with TSP, primed with Kilz, then painted)
– Engine runs great! And it gets great gas mileage (13-18mpg). Just keep in mind its the 4-cyl, so it’ll take you anywhere, but it won’t be fast. 🙂
– Doesn’t leak any fluids.
– Engine was recently serviced.
– We have cooked and baked in this and the stove and oven work great! The oven makes pizza and cinnamon rolls to perfection. 🙂
– Full shower. You can stand in it and actually move around while you enjoy your few minutes of hot water. 🙂
– Hot water heater works great!
– Toilet doesn’t leak.
– 3 waste tanks – black, grey, & galley. All are leak-free and the valves work great.
– 1 freshwater tank that is leak-proof. Not sure on gallon size, probably 10?
– Water pump works great.
– We are including everything you need – dump hose, water hose, new propane tank, new coach battery.
– It is spotless. Since we are living in it, we will need a couple hours to empty it and do a quick clean, though. After that, you could just put all your stuff in it and head out on your journey immediately.
– We will include a small generator if the selling price is right.
– We are non-smokers, so no smell from that.
– 8-inch memory foam mattress with cooling gel top. We bought this in June and kept a waterproof mattress cover on it, so you can feel confident that’s not gross. 🙂
– Original fridge didn’t work, so we replaced it with a small electric fridge. It has worked great, but means you will need electricity to run it. Our plan was to use solar panels, but we didn’t end up doing that.
– It has modern-looking curtains that fit every window.
– We removed all lighting and replaced with solar powered and battery operated. We will include most of these in the purchase.

The bad:
– We refer to it as the Weasley’s Tent, because it is beautiful on the inside but a little worn looking on the outside. We preferred this because then we felt no one would bother it, no matter where it was parked.
– We tore out the carpet on the cab area roof but didn’t find a good replacement for it. This isn’t necessarily bad, because the old, gross carpet is gone. You can just see the wood and metal now.
– Some of the engine gauges don’t work (like oil monitor and RPM). They didn’t work when we got it and it hasn’t affected anything.
– The systems monitors for the water tanks and coach battery don’t work, but that’s common in these older models. However, everything can easily be checked visually, so we haven’t found it to be a problem.

The neutral:
– It has a heater and a/c unit for the coach area, but we have never used them, so we don’t know if they operate. The heater and a/c unit in the cab area work great, though.

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