1986 Sunrader Briargate CO

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Ad Information

-Source: Craigslist
-State: California
-City: Coalinga
-Asking Price: $2700
-Contact: Seller @ 7197769025

Key Motorhome Facts

-Year: 1986
-Maker/Model: Sunrader
-Length: 21 ft
-Miles: 89300
-Engine: 4 cylinders

More Details: 1986 Toyota Sunrader 21′

4 Cylinder
89,300 miles

This is a PROJECT RV. I bought it at a good price to overhaul it and then resell it but I’m not able to give it the time I would like so I’d rather sell it to someone else who has the time to work on it and get it back in good shape.

Here’s a list of the good and bad:


Engine is in good running condition. Have checked compression and adjusted valve clearance and inspected timing chain and guides and all are in good condition. No known engine problems except for a tapping sound that I thought was either valves that needed an adjustment or a broken timing chain guide but I’ve ruled those out so I’m pretty certain that it is only a noisy injector which doesn’t cause any problems. No other known engine problems.

Truck body is in good condition. The only body damage is to the hood and it is pretty minimal (small dent in front of hood and a few scratches).

Tires are relatively new and in excellent condition.

Has airbags on the rear axle and has the real heavy-duty rear axle and dual tires.

Coach body is in good condition. There are no cracks or holes busted in the fiberglass.
Front wraparound windows have been fiberglassed in (the old plexi-glass windows were cracked and leaking and I chose to close the window openings with fiberglass to eliminate future leaks).


Basically the whole coach is being redone. I’m currently patching a number of screw holes and such in the fiberglass. The wraparound windows that were fiberglassed in still need to be sanded and painted. The large window opening was apparently cut too large by the manufacturer so it didn’t seal properly and allowed water to leak in which led to a rotten part of the floor that I have cut out and have the materials to repair but haven’t gotten to it yet. Otherwise, there doesn’t appear to be any other water damage. The fridge works, the water pump works, the stove works. Don’t know about the propane heater yet. The water heater has a propane leak near the pilot area. Basically there is quite a bit to be redone on the coach (including carpet) but it is all fairly inexpensive stuff that just takes time.


This is a very good project vehicle that just needs more time and attention than I want to put into it. I knew when I bought it that it was going to take some work but I wasn’t anticipating the water leak issues (leaky wrap-around windows and leaky side window) that are taking more work than I want to devote to it. I think I’m conservatively estimating that it would probably be worth about twice as much as I’m asking if it was finished up.

Thanks for looking. Please call or email with any questions. I do not receive texts.


Motorhome Photos

1986 Briargate CO


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