1987 Escaper Berrien Springs MI

No Longer Available

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Ad Information

-Source: Craigslist
-State: Michigan
-City: Berrien Springs
-Asking Price: $6,300
-Contact: No Longer Available

Key Motorhome Facts

-Year: 1987
-Maker/Model: Escaper
-Length: Not Listed
-Miles: 65,975
-Engine: 4 cylinders

More Details: As anyone looking for one of these knows, they are getting extremely difficult to find, especially in this condition.
This is a 1987 Toyota Escaper. With it being a 1987 it has the “upgraded” rear axle and is fuel injected (4-cylinder). EVERYTHING works except for the refrigerator (I was told there were some tricks to getting the old fridges working again). Besides the refrigerator, everything was used last year including hot water heater and shower. This is by far the nicest one we were able to find 2 years ago when we purchased it. In my opinion it needs nothing and is ready to use immediately.
Sleeps 4, has a/c, heat, bathroom, closet, 2 tables, etc. (it does not have a generator) Linoleum floor was put in by previous owner right before we purchased it.
The camper was taken to a “local” dealership (that used to sell toyota motorhomes) last year and they went over everything. They did the following:
New septic system gate valve
Windows resealed
Air conditioner gasket replaced
Furnace serviced
Faucet replaced
We have not had any leaking issues with it, looks like there may have been some slight leaking by the air conditioner, but nothing current according to the dealership. We told them to replace anything they thought may cause problems as a preventative measure.

The following was done on the mechanical side within the past 500 miles:
New tires
Transmission serviced
Fuel line replaced
Front Shocks
Valve cover gasket
The motorhome is equipped with rear air bags and those were replaced last year as well. With the air bags you can adjust the ride based on the load and it makes it ride great!

My parents bought this motorhome a couple years ago to travel around as they are retired in their early 70’s, that is why is was gone over in such detail to try to assure everything was as mechanically sound as possible. Unfortunately my father was recently diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and they have decided to sell it.

Cosmetically it is not perfect, but for a 29 year old motorhome I think it’s way above average. The paint is faded on the camper and there are a couple of small dents on the hood where someone probably stood to clean the windows above. No rust.

Please feel free to call or text me and I can answer questions for you. My name is Steve and I am the owner’s son. Text is best, but I will do my best to answer phone calls and emails as soon as possible. I don’t expect this to last very long. I can send additional pictures if needed as well. Thanks.


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1987 Berrien Springs MI

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