1988 Dolphin Pine Bluff AR

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Ad Information

-Source: Craigslist
-State: Arkansas
-City: Pine Bluff
-Asking Price: $9K
-Contact: Sharon @ 7039646716

Key Motorhome Facts

-Year: 1988
-Maker/Model: Dolphin
-Length: Not Listed
-Miles: 89K
-Engine: 4 cylinders

More Details: Orca and I are located in Arkansas (Pine Bluff). Orca is just about mechanically perfect and her vintage interior is in excellent condition. And NO LEAKS.

I purchased Orca in July 2012, when I lived in Virginia. I drove her down to AR in Sep or Oct of 2013 (about 1,000 miles). Orca is a 4 cylinder/4 speed. I call her Orca, the Toyota Dolphin Who Thinks She’s a Killer Whale. She was a real trooper rolling up, down, and through the mountains and got great gas mileage.

Before relocating to AR, Orca and I drove to Daytona Beach and made several trips along the eastern seaboard. This year we had a great time at Mardi Gras. She absolutely loved going to the King Biscuit Blues Festival in Helena in September, despite the rain. We both look forward to our weekly Sunday morning drives. Simply put, Orca just loves being on the road and gets real excited when she sees one of her siblings or cousins. I have never experienced any problems on any of our trips.

Orca has about 89k miles and I am the third owner. Her timing belt has been changed as have her gaskets. Her throttle position sensor (TPS), air flow meter, and O2 sensor also have been replaced. I had a check engine light that was the result of a bad TPS, but replaced the other items through the process of elimination (kept the old parts since they are still good). I also had the plug upgraded to 30 amp.

She just had an oil change (she uses synthetic oil) and her fuel filter was replaced about 6 months ago and had a major tune up about a year ago, so she’s due for a reseal in the spring. I replaced all but the bathroom vent with Fan-Tastic Vents. (Orca loves the breeze in the camper while in motion.). We both feel more comfortable with the tire pressure monitoring system I had installed in the spring. I added a color security camera with a wireless monitor a few weeks ago. I love it but the jury is still out with Orca, as she does not like me watching her rear end. Orca has had her rear end reinforced a bit and a hitch added for light towing, so I think she will understand once she pulls a load. All installations were done by Camping World.

Orca’s awning was serviced just over a year ago, also at Camping World. The awning and all interior components (stove with oven, fridge, water tank, plumbing, etc) are in good working order. The hot water heater bypass makes winterizing a breeze.

Orca is roadworthy so you won’t have to make any major repairs before enjoying her. She is ready to roll! And with the surround sound system she really rocks down the road! Orca comes with a TV/DVD combo (She is cable ready.), icemaker, microwave, memory foam mattress topper, and other creature comforts.
Serious inquiries only. Call or text for a couple more photos that would not load. 703-964-6716.


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1988 Pine Bluff AR

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