1988 Odyssey Moses Lake, WA

Last Updated: 8/12/2016 | Ad Source: Craigslist

Asking Price: $3,500

Motorhome Facts

  • Year: 1988
  • Maker/Trim/Model: Odyssey
  • Length: 23 FT
  • Odometer: 95,600
  • Drivetrain: 22RE 4 Cyl Auto

Seller Info

  • State/Region: Washington
  • City/Area: Moses Lake
  • Name: Not Provided
  • Phone: Not Provided
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More Details & Pictures

1988 Toyota Odyssey 23 foot motor home. 22RE, 4 speed automatic, 95,xxx miles

It’s always ran great. I’ve had it for several years, but I just don’t have time to keep it up any more.

There are issues. Here is an incomplete list:
The entire front overhang was rotting when I bought it. I rebuilt the entire thing, and coated all of the internal wood with waterproofer, just in case. Where the overhang’s fiberglass siding was previously flapping in the breeze, I fiberglassed the edges together. It works great, but I never sanded or painted it.

I think most of the wood under rear panel is water damaged. I never really cared because you can’t tell unless you look for it, and it doesn’t really support anything, unlike the front overhang. I haven’t got around to rebuilding it yet.

I built a new door this winter, because I didn’t like the old one. It’s mounted, but I haven’t had time to get fitted to the door frame properly yet.

The rear tires aren’t great, but they match.

I got an in-dash MP3 amp/radio to replace the old radio/tape player. It’s just sitting in the dash. I haven’t had time to wire it.

Not so bad things:
22RE engine. Runs like a champ. Never had any issues with it.

Toyota 1-ton chassis with full-floating axle

Aisin-Warner A43D automatic transmission. I know this because I replaced it with a used but slightly newer one last year, after the torque converter finally gave out. (Hint– don’t use overdrive).

Tranny temp gauge. (I’m an airplane mechanic. I like gauges.) It’s in a silly-looking wooden panel on the dash, next to the airbag pressure gauge, voltmeter, and tachometer.

New/used drive shaft 2 years ago. It snapped at the U joint climbing a hill in Astoria (Was my fault. I should have replaced the U joint before it happened)

I put airbags on the back. It has it’s own compressor and the left and right sides are independently controlled. The airbags are necessary to prevent scraping over every large speed bump or driveway.

Holy crap the roof A/C unit still works. Truly amazing.
The truck A/C does not.

Brand new battery for the truck part.

Stove, fridge, toilet, sinks, hot water heater and shower all work, although I haven’t de-winterized it yet.

If you have any questions please contact me by email. I’ll probably respond in the evening. Also, if you send me a message asking “what is your absolute lowest price” you will probably be ignored unless I have time to come up with an equally irritating reply.

Odyssey, dolphin, Winnebago, Class C RV toyota camper


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