1991 Winnebago Warrior in San Jose, CA

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Asking Price: $20,600

1991 San Jose CA

Motorhome Facts

  • Year: 1991
  • Maker/Trim/Model: Winnebago Warrior
  • Length: 21FT
  • Odometer: 122K
  • Drivetrain: V6 Auto

Seller Info

  • State/Region: California
  • City/Area: San Jose
  • Name: Martin G.
  • Phone: (604) 396-7286
  • Email: [email protected]


More Details & Pictures

The time has come to part ways with our beloved custom ToymoHome. The family is growing and we are going to settle back home. This is a one of a kind customized Toymo; if you are interested please contact me at email below.
First, this RV is CANADA registered but is currently in the US. Previous owner had it registered in Washington, US.
She’s a 1991 Toyota Winnebago. Basically a 21 feet Winnebago style body on a one ton dual axle in the back and a 3VZE 3L 6 cyl engine, automatic. It’s probably the most efficient and powerful engine in Toyotas RV, with average of 15 mpg. She’s your relaxed road trip dream come true. One of our favorite things about her is that she fits perfectly into a regular sized parking space. My most favorite part is Solar Power. We have tried to decrease our CO2 emissions while traveling. That’s why this lightweight rig, with good mileage and massive solar power. We have complete manuals for the Warrior including all appliances, bills and papers.
Has good tires. YES, the odometer does say 122k miles. We did drive and also cared a lot, new belts, oils, fluids,
all filters, spark plugs, new cab AC liquid, new engine battery… just changed last year. New clearance lights. 2019 – new drum brakes, all shocks new. Everything kept clean and working.
Never had anything go wrong, She’s all good, reliable!





— 6 seat belts
— Easy and quiet to drive
— Power steering
— Tilt steering wheel
— Cruise control mounted on steering wheel
— Automatic transmission with overdrive and ECT power boost switch
— Cab air conditioning blows very cold
— Fresnel lens on rear window for wide-angle viewing while driving
— There is no significant undercarriage rust
— Full size spare tire underneath
— Jack and tools pouch included

Last year full interior renovation. Everything was original when we bought it.
– Fridge is original, has chalkboard front, great for kids. Works on propane and 110 V. It gets very cold and the freezer works like a charm.
– Water heater works great. 12,000 BTU furnace works quiet, with thermostat kept us warm in snowy days. Direct drive water pump.
– Four burner stove with full oven, works really nice.
– Stainless steel sink, faucet with shower.
– Composting toilet, which allows us to release holding tanks anywhere, using biodegradable soaps.
– Washroom fan with light, fan works super quiet, good also while cooking too.
– Full size shower.
– Ton of divided storage space all around house.
– Interior painted with washable color.
– All handmade Canadian Cedar counter tops with live edge.
– Redwood tabletop that folds down into a single bed. Seat cushions are heavy cloth that covers a layer made up of brand-new lawn chair cushions and memory foam as well. They’re comfy.
– Screens on all windows and door as well. Windows are tinted to help keep the coach cooler in hot weather. Privacy curtains.

– 170 watt solar charging kit + 170 watt expansion kit
– 2000 watt pure sine wave Inverter Charger for AC power, with built-in 100 amp battery charger and 50 amp dual leg transfer switch
– Inverter charger remote
– 30 amp pulse with modulated digital regulator
– DC inverter install kit (GP-DC-KIT4)
– 200Ah Solar cycle battery bank
All led lights installed by us, run on 12V. Inside – Outside AC Power outlets working on solar power. Can sustain 4 cloudy days with rain and snow for constant heating, lighting and working on PC without being plugged..

She has a one-piece aluminum roof in good condition – recently sealed in its entirety and caulked in appropriate additional places to prevent leaks.
– Roofvents and vents changed for new. Exterior shower, found it a very useful thing.
– Roof racks good for a light boat or surfs.
– Propane pressure gauge (only found on Winnebago models of Toyota RVs)

Water 17 Gal
Gas 17 Gal
Propane 4-5Gal (with solar powered fridge we can be off the grid for 2 weeks)
Sleeping for 5 adults.

– Bicycle rack, good for 4 bikes, its very easy to put a bike on and quick to use.
– 3 foldable camping chairs
– Kitchen utensils, pillows, blankets
– Toolset
– Casette-to-minijack car audio adaptor (for smartphone audio)
– 2x Cigarette lighter USB outlet
– Freshwater hose in storage bag
– Freshwater pressure regulator
-Tarps, ropes, boxes, spare lights, gloves, etc…

Understand that this is a 28 year old RV so it is not perfect or mint. Below is a list of things (mostly cosmetic) that I want to disclose to the potential buyer:
– No awning, we did not really need it, wanted to keep rig light.
– Small crack in windshield.
– No renovated exterior.
– Previous owner bumped back left corner to the tree, I have redone new fiberglass exterior and brand new back interior wall.

Pricing… We believe this RV gives lots of comfort, safety and, most of all, it’s reliable. She’s ready to just get in and go! Very clean inside and out. If you look at the sold listings, you will see the Winnebago Warriors and the Itasca Spirits have the highest resale value.

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  1. Congratulations on a beautiful restoration job. If your camper was on Vancouver Island, I’d be round to take a look today! Ah well, some dreams take a while to come true. Best of luck for a quick sale.

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