1993 Itasca Spirit in Pasadena, CA

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Asking Price: $19,950

1993 Pasadena CA

Motorhome Facts

  • Year: 1993
  • Maker/Trim/Model: Itasca Spirit
  • Length: 21FT
  • Odometer: Not Listed
  • Drivetrain: V6 Engine

Seller Info

  • State/Region: California
  • City/Area: Pasadena
  • Name: No Longer Available!
  • Phone: No Longer Available!
  • Email: No Longer Available!


More Details & Pictures

Yes, this is that Toyota RV you have been looking for! It is rare and unique especially because it is NOT a project! Just the opposite — everything has been carefully gone over to be as nice as possible.

Restoring Toyota RVs is our hobby. My assistants and I have spent multiple hours in the last seven months intentionally refurbishing this coach to be optimally usable for the next owners. We are experienced in what we are doing and we take pride in our work. There is a lot of satisfaction from putting one back on the road as it was meant to be with everything working again as perfectly as we can make it. And just to be sure, we gave it a “road test” when my husband and I personally camped it for a week on a recent trip to Arizona.

“Way above average” aptly describes this coach. The reasons will become obvious when you read its many features and upgrades. Most Toyota RVs that come up for sale need a fair amount of time and attention, and probably a good amount of money to make them comfortable and trouble-free again. Here now instead, is one that is ready to take camping right away. What you will read about is almost 160 different items and upgrades that the new owner WON’T have to deal with because we have fixed or improved or added them already.

First of all, this model is a Winnebago Itasca Spirit, which it is considered to be the best built of any brand of Toyota RV overall, but nicely-restored ones like this are rather hard to find.

Secondly, it has a V-6 engine (not a 4 cylinder) so you have more adequate power for climbing hills, and you have the ability to tow a moderate load. Interstate speeds of 65 mph are easy to maintain. The ride in the cab is much quieter and the seats more comfortable than earlier models. Mini RVs with a Toyota chassis are increasingly sought after because of their longevity and great gas mileage, especially compared to any other RVs of the same size and price. This one with automatic transmission has been documented to get over 16 miles per gallon; that’s about twice the mpg of an American motor RV.

Thirdly, all tires are reasonably new (proper load range D) — Uniroyals, installed on rears in April 2018 and Hankook Vantras, installed on the fronts in July 2017. This vehicle has the full-floating one-ton rear axle and six-lug wheels throughout. Chrome-look wheel covers are installed on the rear wheels. The Air Springs installed in the rear provide a more comfortable ride for passengers, and for leveling the coach somewhat while camping.

Additionally, this engine has quite low miles on it — only 46,300. This is a much newer engine than the original. The chassis overall has 159,200 which is not that much above average for a Toyota RV. We personally know of several well-maintained Toyota Winnebago RVs like this with over 200,000 miles that are still on the road and being enjoyed as much as ever. And just so you know, this 1993 model is the last year that any motorhomes were built on a Toyota chassis = as new as you can get.

In order to maintain this vehicle to be as roadworthy as possible, in the last 48 months it has had all of the following engine and chassis work performed. (Service records are included.) With all of these maintenance items taken care of, you can have confidence that this RV will perform better than most of this vintage. (Specifically, it is MUCH more apt to be free of all the unexpected surprises that often come with used RVs that are for sale because their sellers just want them off their property for whatever reason.)

— New short block rebuilt engine

— New radiator

— New engine battery – January 2019

— New rear brakes

— Rear seals replaced

— Cab air conditioning and heating system disinfected

— Recent oil change with synthetic oil

— New oil cooler

— Tune up, spark plugs, and injectors cleaned

— Rear air springs serviced

It also has had transmission service, radiator service, new starter, new steering components and stabilizer, new rear differential, new front brakes.

An inspection by a certified mechanic (March 2019) has determined that this Toyota engine has no engine or transmission performance issues at this time. (See mechanic’s report.)

— No significant fluid leaks

— Transmission shifts properly

— Spark plugs are OK

— The u-joints, tie rod ends, springs, wheel bearings all look good

— Muffler and exhaust system are in good order

— Front brakes have 70% remaining life; rear brakes have 75% remaining life

Service records dating back to 2007 confirm that there has been ongoing attention to maintaining all components of the engine and drive train in better than average condition.

The exterior of the RV is flat-sided fiberglass, which is considered more desirable than corrugated siding. The surface has now been polished and detailed, and the exterior stripes which were faded have been replaced with new where needed. The outside mirrors have been refurbished to look fresh. If you didn’t know, finding a nice-looking exterior on a Toyota RV is a hard thing to come by.

FLOORPLAN specifics:

— Extra-long Full-size over-cab bed sleeps two adults

— Sofabed behind the driver makes a cozy bed for two

— The dinette makes into a shorter twin bed (meaning it can sleep a total of five)

— Kitchen (stove, microwave, double stainless sink, and refrigerator/freezer) is located in the center

— Bathroom in the rear has a sink, toilet, separate shower, and a tall closet for storage

— The center aisle in coach has been intentionally widened for easier passage = noticeably more convenient

— 21 feet in length overall (easy to park in a regular parking space)

Additional UPGRADES — This coach includes all the standard features PLUS these significant upgrades compared to most other models of Toyota RVs:


— Coach has all one-piece aluminum roof in good condition – recently caulked in appropriate places to prevent leaks

— Both roof vents have outside covers added to allow ventilation even during rainy weather

— Windows are tinted to help keep the coach cooler in hot weather

— Mud flaps added to front wheels

— Propane pressure gauge (only found on Winnebago models of Toyota RVs)

— 110v outlet located on passenger side for conveniently powering items outside

— Second shower outside on the rear, with both hot and cold water for use at the beach, etc.


— New Orion flat-screen TV installed on a swivel bracket above refrigerator, with remote

— Winegard TV antenna /amplifier has Wingman upgrade for HDTV; switches between the built-in signal amplifier or a direct connection to an RV park cable service

— Microwave oven is installed in the cabinet below the stove top

— New refrigerator thermometer installed with external readout (very handy)

— Water heater has by-pass valves installed

— Shower is larger than in other brands of Toyota RVs

— Bathroom has extra towel bars, hooks, and shower shelf unit added

— 12v oscillating fan added — makes a nice breeze for cooling inside the coach in hot weather

— New low-drain LED reading light fixture over overcab bed

— Easy-on entry light added by door

— Extra light added in closet

— Grab handle added to conveniently lift up the sofabed

— Large new storage pouch added by overcab bed

— Clock and storage tray added by refrigerator

— Tissue dispenser added

— Key hanger added by the entry door

— Hat hooks added over entry door

— Magazine rack added

— Storage bin for plastic bags added under stove

— Sink has rotating sink sprayer and removable matching sink cover

— Spice rack added behind stove

— Removable privacy curtain hangs between coach and cab

— Smoke detector and fire extinguisher added for safety

INTERIOR REFURBISHING: We have taken great care to be sure that the interior of this coach is in presentable condition in all aspects.

— New vinyl flooring has been installed (See invoice for $975.)

— The upholstery on the sofa and dinette seats has been replaced, including all new foam in the cushions

— The valance boxes around the windows have been recovered

— The mini-blinds have been replaced

— Over-cab bed curtains have all been washed

— All carpet and upholstery has been newly steam-cleaned

— Every cabinet has been vacuumed as thoroughly as possible

— Shelf liners have been added in all cupboards and drawers


— 12-volt deep-cycle battery is reasonably new (September 2017)

— Propane furnace, hot water heater, and stove all work as designed

– Propane lines have been tested

– New furnace motor and electronic control board were recently installed and checked for safety

– Hot water heater has been replaced and checked for safety

– Stove and stove hood were disassembled and cleaned

– Propane leak detector with on/off switch added under sofa for safety

— Refrigerator /freezer cools adequately on propane or 110v electricity

— Fresh water pump works as designed — no plumbing leaks

— Fresh water tank and lines have been sanitized

— Holding tanks are empty and tank gauges function as intended

— Coleman roof air conditioner blows very cold; filters have been replaced

— Stove hood vent fan and bath vent fan have been cleaned

— Converter/ on-board battery charger has been replaced and functions as it should to keep coach battery charged

— Winegard TV antenna has been lubricated, and cranks up and rotates easily for best broadcast reception

— All cabinet screws and door frame screws have been tightened, due to loosening with age

— All exterior locks and door hinges have been lubricated

— All windows, vents, seams, and exterior compartments have been checked and re-caulked where necessary

— Windshield wipers and sprayer operate as intended

— Clearance lights and tail lights have all been checked and are working as required


— Easy and quiet to drive

— Power steering

— Tilt steering wheel

— Cruise control mounted on steering wheel

— Automatic transmission with overdrive and ECT power boost switch

— Cab air conditioning blows very cold

— Map pocket added on driver door

— Second (brighter) ceiling light added in cab

— Dash stereo system has AM/FM radio and cassette player

— Two additional speakers in the coach rear

— Fresnel lens on rear window for wide-angle viewing while driving

— License plate frames installed for new owner’s plates

— Jack and jack tools included


— Interior is much cleaner than most overall (especially inside storage areas)

— Non-smoking vehicle, no pets

— Title is clear with no liens

— Toyota Owner’s Manual included

— Winnebago Owner’s Manual included (not always the case with used RVs)

— Multiple Service Records and Repair Receipts for the engine and other maintenance items are included (extremely valuable!)

BONUS –The following accessories are also included with the purchase of the vehicle:

— Cab console and cab trash bin with liner bags

— New 12-volt socket splitter with USB port for cells phone, etc.

— New steering wheel cover

— Mirror on visor

— New windshield cover for outside and folding sun-screen for inside

— New cab floor mats

— Entry door mats

— New exterior door mat

— Step stool for overcab bed

— Matching throw pillow for sofa

— Two wastebaskets

— Broom and dust pan

— New freshwater hose

— Freshwater pressure regulator

— Sewer hose in storage compartment with additional “elbow” fitting (required at some campgrounds)

— RV holding tank chemical

— TV coax cord for hook-up to RV park cable service

— New ice tray and bubble level in freezer

— Silverware tray in kitchen drawer

— Convenient wire shelving racks added in cupboards

— Paper towel holder, paper towels, and toilet paper

— New pot-holder and dishtowel set

— Butane lighter for stove

— Nightlight to confirm that 110v power is connected

— New 30 to 15 amp power adapter

— Tire gauge for dual tires

— New fly swatter (an essential camping item)

— Two extra keys sets

— Plus additional tools and numerous enhancements from an experienced RVer

A complete set of 100 photos can be found at this web address:


After months of meticulous attention to details, this coach is now ready to drive and comfortably camp in again. What you will be getting with this RV is the peace of mind that the multiple issues that regularly come with used Toyota RVs have now already been taken care of for you.

The price of $19,950 is in keeping with the time it has taken us to restore this RV to be in the way-above-average condition that it is. The fact that we have already spent so many thousands of dollars on it means that you shouldn’t need much budget beyond the purchase price, as you would for most others that are out there for sale.

If you are seriously interested in having this be your new Toyota RV but are not in the area, a modest deposit can hold it for you. (Deposit applies to the purchase price of course.) It is located in Pasadena, California. Transportation from Los Angeles area airports can be arranged for buyers from out of the area.

Please call for more info and to have your questions answered, [REDACTED]. Leave a message with our voicemail and we will call you back soon. Phone calls will be given priority over email replies. The right next owner for this Toyota Itasca RV is someone who knows a real gem when they see one.

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