1989 Itasca Spirit in Lac Ste Anne County, AB


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Asking Price: $12,000 CDN

1989 Lac Ste. Anne County AB

Motorhome Facts

  • Year: 1989
  • Maker/Trim/Model: Itasca Spirit
  • Length: 20FT
  • Odometer: 73,590
  • Drivetrain: 6cyl Auto

Seller Info

  • State/Region: Alberta
  • City/Area: Lac Ste Anne County
  • Name: SOLD!
  • Phone: SOLD!
  • Email: SOLD!


More Details & Pictures

I no longer feel the need to use my little 1989 Itasca Spirit motorhome since my circumstances have changed drastically and I no longer have the desperate need to escape the city. I’ve put so much work into it that I want to make sure someone else enjoys it as much as I have.

I have owned it since 2017 but only used it last summer. I bought it from a Utah couple in the fall and it wintered in Beaver County. I picked it up the following May and drove it home to Alberta where it sat at my mechanic’s through the rest of 2018. After he completed the interior renovations in May of 2019 I took it for an RV inspection and they let me know what needed a bit of work. I waterproofed the roof and resealed all outside openings. And when I say resealed, I mean we cleaned out all traces of the old silicone, wiped it with solvent to make sure there was going to be good adherence with the new product. Since then it’s been out in the rain, sometimes a driving rain, and theres been no sign of water damage since the interior renos other than a tiny bit in the cab over and that was because someone at the rv shop didn’t cover it like I told them to before I had a chance to fix any leaks.

The entire ceiling and all of the walls in the shower and cabover were removed, cleaned up, disinfected and replaced. The carpet was ripped out, the floor was patched in a soft spot and lino tile was installed. I put a new fridge burner in because the old one had burnt out and now it runs on both propane and shore line electrical. The cabin battery was bought brand new last year and I fixed the electrical so that it once again charges when the motor is running. The heater works. All interior and exterior plumbing works. The stove top is in near mint condition. The table top was replaced with a sturdier material. The mattress in the cabover was worn so I replaced it with a comfy futon mattress but I’ll be keeping that thanks! The rest of the cushions, furniture and window coverings are original and in good condition.

The roof was repaired using two coats of silicone paint, then a sheet of EPDM was laid down with the edges laid underneath the molding, then two coats of rubber paint on top of that and the vents properly resealed. During the course of the roof work I removed the AC and decided not to reinstall it. I didn’t even miss it all summer and all of my camping was without hookups anyway.

The mechanical side passed provincial inspection when I crossed the border and it was given a clean bill of health with only a small electrical issue repairing the reverse lights. I’ve driven through the highest mountain pass in the Canadian Rockies all the way to Vancouver Island and back to central Alberta with no issues. Yes, it was slow as a turtle in some of the higher spots but it made it like a trooper! I’ve put just over 6000 miles on it and almost 1300 of those was just bringing it home.

I still have all of the original manuals in their tidy blue binder as well as some notes and receipts from the first owner. (I’m the third owner; it was bought new by a retired lady in Kentucky).
I will throw in the RV cover that I used all last winter.

If you want a Toy that’s ready to roll and enjoy using, this is it. If you want a fun project to tweak, this is also it. Everything is good to go but there are lots of little cosmetic opportunities that come with age.

If you want to customize it, this is the perfect time to pick up a winter project and get it ready for next year. I’m asking $12,000 CDN and it’ll be worth every penny.

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