1989 4X4 Odyssey in Anchorage, AK


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Asking Price: $18,000 (Final Sale Price)

1989 Anchorage AK

Motorhome Facts

  • Year: 1989
  • Maker/Trim/Model: Odyssey
  • Length: 19.5FT
  • Odometer: 138,000 (11K Rebuild)
  • Drivetrain: 1999 3.4L V6 Swap

Seller Info

  • State/Region: Alaska
  • City/Area: Anchorage
  • Name: SOLD!
  • Phone: SOLD!
  • Email: SOLD!


More Details & Pictures

RARE 4×4 TOYOTA ODYSSEY RV with super reliable & powerful 1999 Toyota 3.4 V-6 engine swap! $14,000 firm
– – – – – – – – – – – – –

This coach is extremely rare — this is the only brand of Toyota RV with a 4-wheel-drive chassis AND a V-6 engine. Only SIX of these were built. With its V-6 and 4×4 chassis it is capable of tackling snow, mud, sand, climbing hills with more power, as well as easily towing snowmachines, ATV’s or small boats and extra gear if desired.

If you are someone who has been looking for a 4×4 RV that also gets good gas mileage, then perhaps this could be a match for you.

I bought this RV in California 7 years ago and have done several uppgrades (including the super reliable 3.4L V6 Toyota engine swamp from a 1999 Toyota Tacoma with a new head gasket). The interior has really cool custom sewn curtains for summer and special custom sewn “oven-mit fabric” curtains to trap in heat for the winter months. I installed a floating hardwood floor, which is easy to clean. The hot water heater, propane furnace, range, oven, shower and sink all work excellent. I put in a new Dometic 3-way refrigerator/freezer in 2016. The necessary RV hoses, supplies, and accessories are provided also. The result is that this is now an exceptionally cool-looking vehicle — ready for any adventure with security and comfort.

The 19.5’ floorplan is spacious enough for up to four people to be reasonably comfortable. On the rear it has a dual hitch for bringing along a moderate size trailer plus bikes or other useful stuff. I also installed a custom diamond plate lockable storage box on the rear bumper support.

For those who find this vehicle to be of interest, here now is an even more detailed description:


FOR SALE: RARE Toyota 4×4 Toyota Odyssey with super reliable and powerful 1999 Toyota 3.4 V-6 engine swap!

– – – – – – – –

Most importantly, this is a much sought after 4×4 motorhome with a RARE and AWESOME 3.4 V-6 Toyota ENGINE swap. Only six were ever made. With a 3.4 V-6 engine you have more adequate power for climbing hills, confidently driving in snow, and the ability to tow a moderate load: snowmobile, motorcycle, single horse trailer, speed boat, jet ski, etc. The 3.4 V6 (search the web) is one of the most reliable and bulletproof engines ever made.

Secondly, it has the floorplan which is the most spacious, adequate for four adults to travel comfortably. This has a large sofa behind the driver, a swivel lounge chair behind the passenger with the bathroom in the back. The sofa seats three and makes a double bed (not all do); it has a separate shower (not with the toilet in the shower stall); and is overall wider and taller than other Toyota RV floorplans.

The chassis with manual transmission gets an honest average of 13-14 miles per gallon (much better than almost any motorhome out there) and has an engine you can actually trust. It has only a modest amount of miles (138K), with only 11,000 miles on the rebuilt engine swap!

It has average exterior rust for a vehicle its age. It has larger 16″ black wheels and newer heavy-duty (appropriate for off-road and adverse weather conditions) tires that are in good condition. It has single wheels in the rear for easier off-road tracking. The front wheels have manually locking hubs. The rear suspension was custom built by Alaska Spring for strength, increased ride comfort and added lift. The muffler and tailpipe were replaced recently.

The exterior has some standard paint peeling. A custom Badland Bumper bull-bar front winch bumper was added with large bright Procomp offroad lights for superior visibility night driving. The bumper looks really cool and offers a great deal of added protection. A custom pewder hood ornament is permanently welded to the bull-bar (so no-one can steal it), really cool!

The interior is all functional and shows typical use.

— Full-size overcab bed sleeps two adults (uses standard bedding)
— Sofabed behind the driver makes a cozy bed for two (meaning it can sleep a total of 4)
— Comfortable swivel chair behind the passenger
— Kitchen appliances (stove, oven, and refrigerator) are located on the passenger side
— Double stainless steel kitchen sink is in the center at the rear
— Bathroom on the side rear has a toilet and separate (not combo) shower
— Taller than average closet
— 19.5 foot in length, plus custom-mounted spare tire hung under vehicle and diamond plate storage box on the rear

UPGRADES — This coach includes all standard features, plus these significant upgrades compared to other models of Toyota RVs:
— 1999 Toyota Tacoma super reliable and powerful 3.4 V6 engine swap with new head gasket (only 11,000 miles on engine!) – has a K&N Cold air intake for extra performance/gas mileage increase

— Custom offroad lifted rear leaf spring suspension by Alaska Spring

— Custom Badland Bumper front bull-bar winch bumper with Procomp offroad lighting

— Custom welded roof rack and additional Yakima roof rack up front to hold kayaks/bikes/rocket boxes

– Bushwacker extended fender flares added

— 60 watt solar panels and roof and inverter (helps charge battery so you don’t have to “plug in”

— Custom wood stove chimney ready for your wood stove (wood stove not included)

— Rear diamond plate lockable storage box added

— new Dometic refrigerator/freezer

— 60 solar panels and inverter (mounted on roof) help keep the coach battery charged to provide power for lights, TV, heater, USB charger/inverter and water pump

— Dual 2″ receiver hitches on rear (both receiver and also ball type) with trailer wiring
— Extra large outside storage compartment suitable for up to a 2000W size portable generator if buyer wants to have one
— Upgraded wheels (16″) with larger diameter heavy-duty rear axle
— Fantastic fan roof vent fan with cover (works great!)
— 2 extra 12v interior fans for additional air circulation
— overcab memory foam mattress is all one piece for more comfortable sleeping
— Combo TV/DVD player
— Fresnel lens on rear window for wide-angle viewing while driving
— fire extinguisher added for safety

— Propane furnace (16,000 BTU), hot water heater, stove, and oven all work as they should
— Three-way refrigerator/freezer cools to 30°/10° on propane, 12v, or 110v electricity
— New kitchen faucet installed
— Water tank with meter indicating appropriate levels
— Clearance lights are working as required
— Coach Windows are tinted for privacy and to help keep the coach cooler in warm weather

— Two shift levers (standard and 4-wheel drive mode)
— Power steering
— CD player/radio
— Hanging storage behind passenger seat
— jack and folding lug wrench

All regular maintenance has been performed. The truck has typical wear/tear for its age.  Typical wear inside coach for a camper it’s age.  The front seat fabric is ripped in several places (not pictured, so seat covers would be an easy fix).  Coach has some crown molding separation on the passenger side wall, good for now but will eventually need attention down the road.

It’s a 5 speed manual (which is awesome and helps a ton slowing the vehicle down on steep downhills).

I really really really don’t want to sell it, but I’ve built a cabin now and don’t need it for full-timing anymore.  It’s a really awesome rig.

I will leave the chimney pipe for your own wood stove, I’d be willing to sell the gasifier Kimberly wood stove (the stove pictured) for $4,200, it’s the best wood stove I’ve ever used (they are $5,000 new plus shipping), literally kept me alive for 6 years, makes a nice dry heat and makes it super homey in the winter watching fires/cooking/boiling water for coffee.  I mounted a fan above the wood stove to blow heat down to the floor when it gets really cold out.  You can look up Kimberly wood stoves online.

She runs like a champ and is super dependable and a super comfortable setup to full-time in (I lived in it 6 years full-time up here, and it was awesome, I would drive it across the country right now without a worry).  All the appliances work great (propane heater, oven, stove top, new refrigerator/freezer, sink, shower, hot water heater, solar panels, LED lighting all the way around.  If you’re interested let me know.  It’s the most attention grabbing rig you’ll ever drive, literally breaks peoples necks and you’ll get pictures taken all the time/people asking you about it… and you can obviously sell it pretty easy if you don’t want it down the road.  Very trustworthy rig… I would drive it across the country right now with no worries.  The idea of selling it is really hard, I’ll probably regret it, but it’s just a new chapter for me.


— Escape hatch/vent above overcab bed
— magazine rack
— Extra keys set

BONUS — The following accessories are also included:

— Privacy curtain
— Heavy duty cab floor mats
— 60 watt Solar Panel System with inverter

If you are a someone who has been searching for a medium-sized, fully-enclosed 4×4 motorhome in very good looking, and fully operational condition, then perhaps this could be a match for you.
The right next owner for this unique Toyota RV will be someone who knows a rare find when they see one.

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