Listed below are the most popular manufacturers for classic Toyota Motorhomes.  There is a little bit of background for each maker along with links to popular resources online.  You can click on the producer name header or after the short description to see them categorized for sale on this site.


Chinook RV

Chinook RV was a company that specialized in Class C Motorhomes and made several models throughout its history. The Toyota Chinook was the first Toyota Motorhome to debut in 1977. While Chinook RV made the classic Toyota Chinook it also made the Toyota Dolphin and Sea Breeze. Other popular Chinook brand names were the Glacier, Destiny, Baja and Concourse.

To learn more about Chinook brand motorhomes, both Toyota and other chassis, be sure to check out the Chinook RV Club online. You will find information about joining a club in either the United States or Canada. There is also a wealth of information about care and maintenance as well as links to a complete Chinook history, forums, technical specs and safety data.

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Dolphin Motorhomes

Dolphin was one of the more popular Toyota Motorhome models or brands made during the 70s, 80s and 90s. Various manufactures produced the Toyota Dolphin RV including Chinook, RBR, New Horizons, Coachman, Huntsman and National RV. Most of these motorhome makers marketed the similar Toyota Sea Breeze as well.

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Sunrader RV

The Toyota Sunrader RV was one of the rarer and less known Toyota Motorhome models. Made by Gardner-Pacific Corporation throughout the 1980s the Sunrader (stylized “SUNRADER”) was longer than other Toyota motorhomes and featured a Vintage class C RV look.

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Winnebago Warrior

Winnebago Industries a public traded recreational vehicle manufacture and arguably the most iconic motorhome brand was also involved in making Class C motorhomes on Toyota Truck chassis. Winnebago made by the Warrior and Itasca Spirit lines on Toyota frames. Winnebago is one of the longest running RV makers still in business having been established in 1958.

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